Hannah Newman

Hannah Newman is a qualified Occupational Therapist and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. She is able to help you overcome a whole range of psychological difficulties, and has a special interest in helping people to achieve their sporting and fitness goals.

“Hi, I’m Hannah and, like Alex, my background is in The NHS where I have worked in a number of health specialities.

Throughout my career, it has been clear to me just how important good mental health is in allowing us to achieve good physical health and I have found the Solution Focused approach to be a game-changer in my clinical work. I get immense satisfaction from being able to help people to overcome anxiety, depression, fears and phobias and live a life that feels just right for them.

I love sport and fitness. People who know me will tell you I can get pretty competitive, and I do love the challenge of working with sportsmen and women to really boost their performance. However, I also know the cliché of ‘it’s not the winning; it’s the taking part’ to be true. Exercise has so many mental health benefits, and I am particularly passionate about supporting people back into physical activity, helping them to find the confidence and motivation to feel better in every aspect of their lives.”

You can read more about the link between physical health and mental health in Hannah’s blog here.

Hannah has appointments available on Monday, Tuesday at five o'clock and Saturday mornings.

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