Niki Lemon

Niki Lemon is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, specialising in helping families and children deal with stress, anxiety, fears, phobias and depression.

“Hi, I’m Niki. My background is in teaching and I’ve worked educationally with youngsters from 6 months to 6th form students as well as with special needs children with a range of abilities.

Throughout my teaching experience, one thing is completely clear; The link between how we are feeling impacts on how we learn, and the ability we have to make good choices for ourselves.

Dealing with the emotional needs of my students as a priority has been a strong ethos in all my teaching life, and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is by far the most useful tool I have found to help youngsters, and their families achieve good, healthy emotional well-being.”

You can read more about how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help in Niki’s blog, and if you have a child or young person who you are concerned about in your life, please don’t hesitate to call. We can arrange a free initial consultation and discuss how we can help to get your child the happy, healthy future they deserve.

Niki has appointments available on Sundays.

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