Oliver Bradley is a firefighter/paramedic living and working in Dallas, Texas. He has joined the Green Tree team as he trains to become a Solution Focused Coach.

He is training with BRIEF in London, acknowledged leaders in the field, and will be seeing a small number of clients under supervision from Dr Matt Selman.

He will be offering his services at a half rate during his training, so an affordable way to access help from someone who will do a fantastic job for you. He has already worked with other firefighters, paramedics, and ICU nursing staff, with great results.

“Hi, I’m Oliver. My aim is to help people find ways to deal with difficult situations. I have dealt with a lot of anxiety in myself over the years. Sometimes in healthy ways and sometimes not so healthy ways. After a change of career from carpenter to firefighter/paramedic at age 40 I found myself in the position of either finding a healthy and more effective way of dealing with stress and anxiety or quitting after a very short time on the job. The Solution Focused approach has helped me enormously. From feeling that I had a permanent problem to being able to find all kinds of new ways to feel differently and enjoy my work, and life, much more. My hope is that, in my Solution Focused coaching, I can pass on the same relief to others that I felt when I found this great approach”.

Oliver is based in the USA and can offer his services worldwide via Zoom.

Please email him directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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