Careful and studied use of mental training can enhance sporting skills in remarkable ways.

There have been many studies which show mental training alone has the power to enhance sporting skills, for example, improve a participant’s ability to shoot basketball hoops and even increase grip strength.

In conjunction with physical training, mental training can produce extraordinary results.

Almost without exception top athletes in all fields use visualisation techniques to keep them at the top of their game and reach their full potential – and you can too.

There's a limit to the amount of time you can physically train before you tire and end up repeating the same mistakes. No such limitation exists with mental training, and we can even work out problems and solve 'issues' in our heads before carrying out physical practice.

Come and see me for a no fee, no obligation initial consultation and discuss the neuroscience of sporting skills. Tell me what your goals are, and I can explain how hypnotherapy can help get you there. If you are ready to reach your full potential and book some further appointments, we can work together to develop a totally individualised mental training plan including a personalised hypnosis CD to use between sessions.





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