Horse Rider Confidence

I have a special interest and enthusiasm for this area. I found my way into hypnotherapy through a complete and sudden loss of my own confidence on and actually at the time even around horses.

I understand how frustrating and upsetting this problem can be at any level. Whether your goal is to win big competitions or just a nice quiet hack around the countryside, a lack of confidence can make the whole process miserable.

Then there's the guilt: I'm spending all this money and I'm not even enjoying it. I've got this beautiful horse and I'm making excuses not to ride.

And the negative thinking: My family all think I'm stupid. My friends have given up asking me if I want to ride out and probably even my horse doesn't like me anymore.

Believe me, I've been there. I've also had first-hand experience of how helpful Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be in dealing effectively with the problem.

It's not magic, though, it takes sustained effort, which is one of the reasons I love working with equestrians. – In my experience they are a group who know all about putting the work in! It's fun and rewarding as you see yourself making progress you never thought possible.

So why waste time feeling stressed and miserable about something that should, and can be, joyful. Book an appointment with me today. The first appointment is absolutely free and we can work out a program that is just right for you.

Option One: Some people find all they need are a few sessions in the therapy room.

Option Two: We combine Option One with some confidence work on-site whilst you are with your horse.

Option Three: We can even provide a complete package. Hypnotherapy and confidence work alongside instruction from an extremely experienced and well-qualified riding instructor (she's also lovely, and extremely patient!) who will guide you through any issues you have in the saddle.



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