Anxiety feels horrible. It’s designed to make us take action. It’s an entirely normal, and sometimes useful, mechanism to give us puny humans an extra burst of speed and strength. Fabulous if we run into a wild animal, not so good for running our daily lives. 

So what happens when our brains become too good at looking out for danger? Well, anxiety can become focused on specific areas of our lives, such as your health or social situations, or it can give you feelings of persistent, uncontrollable fear or worries about many different areas of life. This means that symptoms are numerous and varied. Your experience of anxiety may be very different to someone else’s. You may experience:

  • Churning stomach
  • Sweaty palms 
  • Heart beating like mad
  • Breathing too fast 
  • Muscle tension

Alongside the host of unpleasant physical symptoms, there are some pretty awful psychological symptoms too:

  • Feelings of dread or panic
  • A sensation of things speeding up or slowing down
  • Feeling like everyone notices and is talking about you and your anxiety
  • Feeling like you’re out of control

The most common behavioural symptom (what we do when we feel anxious) is avoidance. We try to avoid those situations that make us feel so bad. Although this may feel helpful in the short term, it can often make things worse in the long run.

Sometimes people can identify traumatic events or big life changing events that cause anxiety (moving house, getting divorced) but often anxiety symptoms can be triggered by a seemingly insignificant event (stuck in traffic on the school run). It can help to think of anxiety as a bucket that gets filled by each everyday stressor, and sometimes overflows.

Hypnotherapy can be amazingly beneficial for people suffering from anxiety disorders. There is often an immediate relief from symptoms (as you will feel relaxed during the session), and the combination of this with Solution Focused Brief Therapy can offer lasting relief surprisingly quickly. We always work towards your new future, rather than focus on problems of the past. Imagine what your life could be like without those fears and worries. What would you do differently if you were free from the grip of anxiety? Let us show you how to empty that bucket. And keep it empty!

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