Low Confidence and Self Esteem


We’ve all had our confidence knocked from time to time. A relationship hasn’t worked out how we’d hoped, or we’ve missed out on a job we really wanted. Normally with a bit of time and distance we bounce back. 

But what happens when you don’t? When you find yourself wracked with self-doubt and negative self-talk? You know that getting out and about again would probably make you feel better, but you can’t face social occasions or job opportunities that you would normally have jumped at? Then, we find ourselves in a bit of a vicious circle, the more we avoid anything challenging, the more our confidence nose dives.

Both Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and Hypnotherapy can help you. I’ve helped many people, just like you, to get back on track. You’ve taken the first step to get the real you back by finding your way here, now go ahead and book yourself an absolutely no fee, no obligation appointment. I can explain how hypnotherapy can help you to be that self-assured individual you really want to be and can be.



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