Chronic Pain

On-going and debilitating pain is costly. It can be so severe, so disabling and so distressing that it affects all areas of a person's life.

It stops people from doing the things they want, the things they love, the activities and events that bring joy and meaning to life. Even sometimes the simple things that they need to do in regular day to day life.

Chronic pain is unbelievably tiring and extremely stressful and can often cause a person to suffer psychologically with elements of anxiety and depression as well.

This is an area I have a special interest in. I have worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years in the NHS, and chronic pain is an area where a 'whole person' approach is required. It's an area where it is evident how intertwined our physical and mental well-being really are.

I will not advise you on drug or medical issues, but I have specialist training in the non-drug treatment of chronic pain and would love to share this with you.

I can help you to better understand your pain and be able to express this understanding to your family, friends and other health care providers. You might be surprised at where your pain comes from and at some of the things that affect it.

I can show you, scientifically and safely, how to ease your pain and help you with methods that will allow you to 'super-charge' other physical therapies.

If you are exploring this page looking for a way to manage your pain, then chances are you are more than ready to try something new. You have the skills and resourcefulness that should not be underestimated, and the ability to change your life.

Let me help you along the way. Book yourself a completely free, no obligation appointment and get started today along a new, better, happier and more fulfilling path.


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