Exam and Event Nerves

Driving test coming up? A levels looming?  University finals or professional examinations approaching with alarming speed?

How about a job interview playing on your mind? How many times have you imagined your interview this week? 50? 100? And I'll bet 99 or so of your imagined scenarios have been a disaster.

Or are you getting married and along with your 'to do' list, have a mental list of all the things that could possibly go wrong that is keeping you awake at night?

Don't Panic! 

You're definitely not alone. Although you're almost certain to find friends and colleagues who sympathise with your predicament, sometimes this isn't what you need to keep you calm.

There are explainable neuroscientific reasons why we feel like this and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has a proven track record in keeping us calm, allowing us to be our best at these high stress moments in our lives.

So, go ahead and book a no fee, no obligation initial consultation with Green Tree Therapy. We can help you perform at your best, when you need to most.


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