Do you feel overwhelmed by life? Do you have a horrible sense that you might not be able to cope with the demands made on you? Do you feel like you can’t keep up, but at the same time you can’t slow down?

Stress is our response to pressure. Of course, what causes us stress varies from person to person, and even in one person at different stages of life. When you suffer from stress it can feel like you have little control over the situation.

Divorce or separation, death of a loved one, money problems and losing a job are all in the ‘top ten’ list of stressors, but sometimes even positive life events can cause us stress. Often this is to do with change, for example, getting married, moving to a new house or starting a new job.

When we experience stress, we release hormones that trigger ‘fight or flight’ responses. In short bursts this is fine, and can even be good for us, either by keeping us out of actual danger, or by enhancing performance in critical moments. It allows us to ‘rise to the occasion’.

Long term stress is a different story. When these stress responses are activated repeatedly and persistently over long periods of time, it can have significant, long term effects on both our physical and mental health. It commonly upsets sleep patterns and can make you tearful or irritable.

It can have big ‘knock on’ effects with your relationships with friends, family, children and partners. It can lead to increased alcohol or food consumption and can even make decision-making difficult and your memory worse.

The statistics on stress in the UK are alarming and most people will have experienced stress at some point in their lives. Friends and colleagues are often sympathetic and want to help, or sometimes just share their own stressful situations.

But you don’t have to suffer. I’ve helped many people in your situation regain a sense of calm control over their feelings, their thoughts and their lives and I can help you too.

Solution Focused Therapy uses the most up-to-date neuroscience and will take a step by step approach to get you back on track.

So, go ahead and make that positive change. Chances are as you start to get back to that thriving, coping person you know you can be, you’ll become a great role model for your stressed friends and family too. Book yourself a no charge, no obligation initial consultation with me and we’ll get you started on a calmer, happier path.



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