Public Speaking


In most surveys fear of public speaking is high up the list. In fact, it’s often at the top. This means we fear public speaking more than we fear things that have the potential to harm us, like spiders, snakes or heights.

One theory why public speaking is such a common fear can be found in evolutionary psychology. Early humans stuck together; it was safer and rejection from the group was likely to be life threatening.

The primitive part of our brain still thinks that a fluffed wedding speech or a blunder in a work presentation might result in physical harm.

In fact, research shows that all of us are likely to have a level of stress in response to speaking in public. A proportion of us relish the adrenaline, look forward to the rush of excitement and rise to the occasion.

Some of us control our nerves and manage what needs to be done, but some of us are so paralysed with fear at the thought of public speaking that we go to great lengths to avoid it altogether.

Most people who fear public speaking imagine standing in front of a crowd; completely freezing and lost for words.

Neuroscience shows that when we are anxious or scared, we use the ‘fight or flight’ areas of our brain and shut off more advanced language and memory areas. If you’re faced with a wild animal, charming him with witty banter is unlikely to help!

So how can Solution Focused Therapy help?

Firstly, we can reduce the general stress and anxiety which is responsible for us reaching for the panic button in important moments.

Secondly, we can re-frame, rehearse and re-think your public speaking experience using an easy and comfortable hypnotherapy technique. Instead of dreading public speaking, you will feel calm, capable and confident.

Book yourself a no fee, no obligation initial consultation and take the first step to discovering your true potential.

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