Bullying can happen in many areas of life and at any age. I have helped clients who have come to me with personal issues, such as lack of confidence, depression, stress, anxiety and frequently making poor choices around food and alcohol that have stemmed from bullying.

One of the most difficult things about bullying, especially amongst adults, is that despite being deliberate and ongoing, it is often quite subtle. The victim may feel very isolated as they are constantly belittled, left out or undermined, seemingly without anyone else noticing.

I can't directly influence your bully's behaviour, but I can help you.

By boosting your own confidence at any age, by giving yourself the 'mental space' to work out solutions and by looking after your own needs as a priority, you might just see some surprising reactions in the people around you as you make yourself more and more resilient.

Solution Focused Therapy can make you a happier, more confident individual, able to stand up, speak up and deal with whatever life throws at you.

Don't waste anymore time on someone else's issues. Book a free, no obligation appointment today and get started on making the changes you need for the happy life you deserve.

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