As someone who has always experienced levels of mild anxiety, I never thought it would become so extreme that it would take over my life - but this is exactly what happened around a year and a half ago. 
After an unexpected medical result (nothing serious!) I suddenly and quickly developed severe health anxiety. No matter how much I told myself that I was being silly, and everything was okay, I found it all consuming. It quickly spread into other phobias such as a fear of flying. I found myself spending endless nights lying in bed heart racing, thoughts spiralling and it took a big toll on my quality of life. My poor husband also suffered as he just wanted to take it away and help me. In the summer I decided enough was enough and I wanted to get help without going down the route of medication. I searched for local hypnotherapists and emailed several, but the email back from Alex is what made me choose her - supportive, warm and informative, I felt comfortable before I’d even met her. 
My first appointment with Alex helped me understand why I was feeling the way I was, and made me realise I can get through this. I had 6 sessions with Alex and each week I felt calmer and more relaxed. By the final week I can honestly say I felt free of anxiety for the first time in over a year. I can happily say that even after my sessions have finished, I can put into practice what Alex taught me and I’m still happily moving through life anxiety-free. 
Alex teaches you positive thinking and her sessions are more than just hypnotherapy - I already miss going to them! 
Thank you Alex, for helping me see that I could get through this and showing me how. If anyone else is sat reading this thinking they’re too far into anxiety and nothing will help them, trust me I felt the same and I can honestly say that working with Alex I’ve achieved more than I ever imagined I could.
Lizi, Derbyshire

Before working with Alex, I felt totally exhausted, as if I had a weight on my shoulders constantly, no time or energy for myself. I felt lost, overwhelmed by life physically and mentally, and in uncontrollable pain.

Working with Alex was comfortable, she is very easy to talk to, as if you were talking to a friend. Her environment is comfortable and relaxing, nothing like an office with a hypnotherapy couch. When Alex explains theory it is so easy to understand. Her relaxation technique is so calming and refreshing, highly recommended.

At the end of working with Alex, I felt I gained back control of my life. I had time to do the things I needed too. I now understand the theory of pain and can manage my pain levels a lot better. I have finally started to lose weight again which is a bonus.

Working with Alex has been amazing, it has changed my life for the better. If you have problems or issues with your life, working with Alex helps you sort them out for sure. I would recommend family and friends to work with her, as I have personal experience that her work has benefited me greatly, with positive results. The results are truly amazing!

Ro, Derby

Until seeing Alex, I can't remember a time where I wouldn't walk into a room, scan it for spiders, scream and then burst into tears if there was a spider in there. Even the word spider used to make me feel anxious. Having a spider phobia stopped me from doing so many things I enjoyed. It made me feel less confident, less capable, anxious, stressed and definitely less happy in myself. I relied so heavily on others to help me. 

Then I found Green Tree Hypnotherapy and what a positive impact Alex has had on my life. Alex's professional but friendly manner put me at ease and made the sessions very enjoyable. Alex explained the science behind why I felt the way I did. I felt reassured that a phobia I knew was irrational had some reasoning to it and that something could be done to help!

Alex has not only helped me to overcome my spider phobia but since seeing Alex, I feel more confident, less anxious, happier and able to cope with life's stresses. It felt like a massage for my brain, as if a reset button had been pressed and all the rubbish deleted. 

Since seeing Alex, I have had a number of spiders in my house and instead of finding someone to kill it, I can just let them be, which I think the spiders are rather pleased with too! 

I cannot recommend Alex enough, I only wish I had seen her sooner. Alex has improved my life in so many ways and provided me with the tools to continue to make positive changes to lead a happy life.

Hannah, Notts

I feel like I can take on the world after visiting Alex at Green Tree Hypnotherapy. She is professional and made me feel at ease straight away. Life is significantly better since I met her.

Elaine, Derbyshire

If you want to get rid of the rubbish in your head and replace it with positivity - then this is the therapy for you!

Jo, Derby

Before I came to see Alex I suffered from bouts of anxiety, stress & depression. I found it hard to function with daily tasks. Getting out of bed was sometimes a struggle.

The sessions gave me the coping mechanisms to deal with life. I have since lost 1.5 stone and my confidence has increased massively.

A huge thank you to Alex for her professional but friendly guidance.

Lorraine, Notts

I contacted Green Tree for help to conquer my anxiety and a phobia that I had suffered with for many years.

From my first appointment Alex was very professional, and her calming nature put me at ease. She thoroughly explained the process.

I now have better coping strategy for anxiety and a better knowledge of how to deal with negative thinking. I have now dealt with my phobia... Thank you Alex!

Loraine, Mansfield

It doesn't matter what your issue is - go and see Alex. The therapy is so positive and focusses on re-training your brain to deal with whatever is getting in the way.

Alex helped my daughter to understand and break down the anxiety she felt around bedtime and taught her self management techniques that she can use going forward too.

Don't hesitate to try Alex's approach! It's down to earth, relaxing and effective.

Catriona, Derby


I have recently had a few hypnotherapy sessions with Alex from Greentree (for a severe snake phobia) and have experienced some really promising results. Alex was very easy to talk to and work with and the room and furnishings were very nice and comfortable. I was a little nervous before the session but that quickly changed as I found the overall experience very calm, relaxing and refreshing. I would highly recommend Green Tree for anyone wanting to take the natural health hypnotherapy route and highly doubt that you would be disappointed with the results.

Benjamin, Nottingham

Like every working Mum I am constantly dealing with day-to-day stress, juggling lots of small things that sometimes feel overwhelming.  I work from home, so I found it difficult to switch off from my job. To be honest, I often felt like a hamster on a wheel.

When I started the sessions, I didn’t know what to expect, but I loved the whole experience.  For a start it’s all about you, and as a working Mum that just doesn’t happen!  Alex created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and I didn’t feel any self-consciousness.  She’s calm, easy-going and I trusted her completely. She draws things out of you by asking the right questions, helping you to think about how to change the way your brain works and deal with things differently.  

I have benefited massively from having hypnotherapy. I feel different; a lot more positive and less anxious, like I have shed a load of baggage. It has helped me to approach problems more logically, rather than worrying pointlessly. Hypnotherapy has made my life better.   

It’s a complete revelation that something as simple as this can have made such a positive change in my life.  Modern life puts so many demands on us, that I believe everybody could benefit from it. Since having hypnotherapy, I feel like everything in my life is on track. 

Kathy, Derby

For as long as I can remember just seeing a frog could make me feel traumatised.  If I came across a frog in the garden, I’d have to run into the house and shut the door. It would give me an anxiety attack. Though I knew it was an irrational fear, frogs inspired a physical response in me that could make me cry and feel overwhelmed. 

Before I tried hypnotherapy I wasn’t sure what it would be like. I suppose deep down I had a preconception that someone would wave a watch in front of my face to get me to sleep! But I was pleasantly surprised at my first session.  I enjoyed having that time once a week to just sit down and talk with such a positive and calming person. 

Learning about the science behind why your brain jumps to being negative and understanding more about why I experience a violent reaction to frogs has made me feel much more reasonable about my phobia. I feel I can deal with my fear calmly and rationally now.  I still don’t like frogs, (Alex did explain to me that I was unlikely to want to keep one as a pet!) but I don’t have the panicked reaction.

Hypnotherapy has made me think more positively about everything in my life.  I went to tackle my phobia, but it has had wider benefits.  It’s helped me to focus on the positives rather than the negatives of a situation.  I’d definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to overcome a phobia. 

Hannah, Derbyshire

The reason I chose to try hypnotherapy was to try and understand why I become stressed when the logical part of me tells me there is no real reason. I wanted to try and find a way to deal with situations more calmly.

Alex made me realise through both her recordings and sessions that I am able to recognize all the positive things around me and for me not to take the sole responsibility when things go wrong. I am a person who takes the blame easily if things don't go right and Alex helped me understand it is ok to say I can't do something or I just say no. Alex made me feel in control and that when I do get stressed I can choose how to deal with it, and that this affects our mood and actions.

After the sessions I felt more positive and I use the techniques when I have difficult situations, which I now understand better.

Hypnotherapy with Alex allowed me the time out in the day to appreciate my life, which left me stronger to deal with any day to day problems. This can be applied to all issues in life because positive thinking is a good starting point with all of life's difficulties.

Sally, Uttoxeter

After contemplating Hypnotherapy for a while I finally took the plunge and cannot believe I didn’t try it sooner.

It has helped me immensely with severe health anxiety. Alex puts you at ease in a relaxing environment and after just a few short sessions she has given me the tools to do this at home.

Don’t hold back, book an appointment today. It’s the best therapy I have tried.

Helen, Ashbourne

I was feeling very mixed up and had a bunch of issues that were dragging me down and stopping me doing things I wanted to do in life. I could feel that I was going around in circles in my head but just couldn’t break the cycles. I was also using drugs and alcohol as an escape from my thoughts and smoking cigarettes because of the fear of withdrawal symptoms from giving up. I was feeling very low in self-confidence and had begun to accept a state of panic as the norm. I felt a sense of crushing fear at the thought of the future and resented myself in the past.

It was absolutely brilliant working with Alex. It’s a lovely, relaxing environment and she managed to bring out the positive side of me that I’d lost in this crazy world we live in. At no point did I feel that my problems were weird or stupid. 

The actual hypnosis part of the session is a wonderful experience, I felt so in touch with my soul in a way that is completely different to the other types of therapy I have tried (CBT, counselling). It’s all about what you want instead of what is wrong. It’s like getting a massage for your soul and an update for your brains operating system

Now I feel 100% more like the me I always wanted to be. Alex helped me come to an acceptance of the past and to look forward to the future. I’m enjoying being present in the world and communicating with people in a meaningful way. 

Smoking had seemed like an enemy I could not defeat for 20+ years but now I can barely remember what it’s like to even want a cigarette. No patches, no will power, just a different perspective and an enjoyment of life. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alex to anyone who feels in any way not in control of their own thoughts and/or feelings. All those embarrassing fears, worries, regrets, anger and despair are not how life is supposed to be. Alex can help you get them under control and enable you to enjoy life like in your best dreams. If you are unsure as to whether you should contact Alex or not: take it from me… you should!

Graeme, Notts

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